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Selection of The Beauty Secret services


Anti-oxidant exfoliation with sea salt
Eliminates dead cells, preventing oxidation and cellular aging. Prepares the skin for complete and deep hydration. It is recommended as a phase prior to sun exposure.
50 min. | Session: €75

Localized therapeutic mud
Recommended for inflammatory processes, joint pain, back pain, etc.
25 min. | Session: €40

Aloe vera wrap
Moisturizes and soothes the skin from irritations by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin in the skin.
25 min. | Session: €40

Touches of serenity
Through different movements we relax the body while improving blood and lymphatic circulation.
50 min. | Session: €60

Deep Tissue
Application of one or more techniques according to the therapist's instructions. It is done in a personalized way to release tension from the body.
55 minutes: €80 | 90 minutes: €120

Foot reflexology
Therapeutic technique based on the stimulation of points on the feet (called reflex zones) that correspond to organs, muscles and other parts of the body receiving a healing stimulus.
50 min. | Session: €70 Lymphatic drainage
Through specific slow, soft and superficial maneuvers, very effective in purifying and discarding liquid accumulation.
60 minutes: €75 | 90 minutes: €120

pregnant special
Through specific slow, soft and superficial maneuvers, very effective for purifying and discarding liquid accumulation.
50 min. | Session: €70
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Champi – Indian Head Massage
Ancient Hindu technique that releases the energy accumulated in the head, providing relief to the back, shoulders, neck and skull. Improves blood circulation, reducing stress and beautifying hair. Under a blanket of hot oil, we work on the points that help release blockages.
30 min | Session: €55

Toicusa experience
With volcanic sand, essential oils and aloe vera. Sensory journey to a deep state of relaxation and calm, releasing blocked energy and restoring inner balance.
90 min. | Session: €140

The Beauty Secret Ritual
An experience that brings the most absolute and deep relaxation and physical and emotional well-being.
120 min. | Session: €180
Himitsu (as a couple)
Based on this Wabi Sabi philosophy, it is a journey to the interior, to peace. The strokes follow one another on the back, lasting just the right moment to transmit the message and let the inner balance flow. Immerse yourself in strokes with brushes and Japanese green tea powder that surround us in search of the perfect balance.
80 min. | Couple: €260
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Facial Cleansing
A must to pamper your skin, applying organic and vegan products that help the skin eliminate impurities, restore damage caused by pollution and stress, achieving immediate oxygenation.
60 min. | Session: €90

AFEF method
Designed after more than 30 years of experience, this manual and non-invasive massage enhances your inner beauty, brings luminosity to the face, reduces wrinkles and expression lines and relieves accumulated tension, balancing mind and body.
60 min. | Session: €150

Esse Live Probiotic Experience
Based on live probiotics. Recommended to address specific concerns on your face, calming and healing stressed skin, increasing collagen and elastin production and strengthening barrier function for healthier skin.
70 min. | Session: €150

Custom facial
Completely personalized treatment based on the specific needs of your skin, combining exclusive techniques and protocols to revitalize the face and achieve excellent results.
60 min. | Session: €120

*There are more treatments available. Consult our team.
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  • Plus Fariones Habitat
  • Plus Fariones Apartments
  • Plus Fariones Suite Hotel

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